Targeting Incurable Disease

Modern cutting-edge medicine has given unbelievable contribution to expanding our lives and curing diseases. Nevertheless, there is still many people around the globe suffering from incurable diseases. Most of the diseases are nowadays well studied even at the levels of molecules and cells; however, still buries many hurdles in curing it. It is because most of the attempts to cure the diseases have failed to find the right targets, or been unable to deliver the appropriate medicine to the right targets.


Exosomes as Conveyors to Cure Disease

Exosomes are small-sized membrane vesicles that cells secrete to the outer space. We utilize exosomes as a conveyor to deliver therapeutic proteins to cure intractable diseases. Exosome possesses enormous potential in transporting desired protein to the inside of the cells. This can give us incredible advance and benefit in the field of pharmaceuticals since current protein medicine could only target molecules outside of cell membrane, and are highly unstable in biological serum. By engineering exosomes as conveyors of pharmaceutical proteins, we can specifically down-regulate disease-causing proteins inside the diseased cells, or we can also provide therapeutic proteins that can cure the disease processes inside the cells. We foresee a future where no one bears a burden of incurable disease as their fate and live a life of health and sustainability.